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BubbleTalk for Money
BubbleTalk for Relationships

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Bubbletalk MoneyBubbleTalk for Money
Have you ever wished for something better in your life and it hasn’t happened yet? Do you ever wonder why? This Teleseminar – Webinar  Series “BubbleTalk…the subconscious thoughts that keep us from getting what we want” asks the new question, “What’s in your bubble?”

“BubbleTalk For Money” targets very specific issues and patterns in the field of finances, and life in general. It offers solutions on how to change what is in your bubble (unconscious thoughts in your head) through exercises, processes, and meditations. You can identify your unconscious dialogues and patterns and see the reasons why you are stuck or confused. Use the tools to improve your life & money!


 Here is what we will be discussing for those 4 weeks…

#1 – Exploring definitions of wealth, cash, money,abundance, assets, prosperity and give distinctions with each of those words. Definition of Wealth vs Net-worth. Get clarity of what you want and desire in order to attract it.  In other words, you will find out where you are in your ability to manifest your dreams and how you link your emotions to money.

#2 – Identifying your “Bubbletalk” around money and discover your beliefs with a financial self analysis.  We will correlate beliefs around having money and being happy at the same time. We will explore and make distinctions between your thoughts and beliefs and your family’s thoughts and beliefs or “BubbleTalk.”

#3 – Then once we identify what those are, the third session is all about shifting that “BubbleTalk” that no longer serves you. In other words blowing away the bubbles with various techniques. Shifting them to a different core bubble. We will be very specific with your core bubble around money, I will give you the positive aspects of your shadow side or negative core bubble.

#4 – Actions steps and strategies and tools to help you keep releasing fears and increase your committed action. Such as playing the credit game, magic tips with money, developing prosperity consciousness.  How to use goals to attract what you want. I will give you worksheets to use about goal setting and attracting. How to create unexpected income. I will give you specific tools you can use on your own to help you stay on track.



Bubbletalk Relationships“BubbleTalk For Relationships…the subconscious thoughts that block us from getting what we want.”.  This is for anyone who may be curious and asks the question, “Why does this keep happening to me?” or ” How can I be happy and have a relationship?”

You may consciously choose to have a different reality, but there is something blocking you from having it. You may be saying one thing, but believing something entirely different. This Teleseminar will target very specific issues and patterns in your relationships. It will offer solutions on how to change what is in your “bubble” (unconscious thoughts in your head) that block you from getting what you want. Through exercise, processes, and meditations you will be able to identify your unconscious dialogues and patterns and see the reasons why you are stuck and can’t seem to get what you want.

We will discuss…

1. Patterns we develop with each relationship

2. Our beliefs at relationships

3. Where they come from

4. How to change your current reality to what you really want

5. Learn better communication skills.

The “BubbleTalk For Relationship” Series continue every Monday for 4 weeks to keep you on track with creating harmonious relationships!



Bubbletalk squareBubbleTalk

The topics included for the series are:

1st part is recognizing patterns in your life for a specific aspect such as money, relationships, jobs, health, family or friends or  communications (have you ever heard yourself saying the same things to different people?)  We will identify the repeating patterns in your life.

The 2nd part is identifying the Bubbletalk (unconscious belief systems or self-talk) that is running your life. What specifically are you saying to yourself about success or motivation or communication or responsibility?

There are only 10 stories or  core bubbles that you can have. I go into them in the series in depth and we identify where you are in those 10 bubbles.

The 3rd part is blowing away the bubbles with various techniques. Shifting them to a different core bubble. We will be very specific with your core bubble. I will give you the positive aspects of your shadow side or negative core bubble.

The 4th part is action steps toward activating the new core bubble. I will give you specific tools you can use on your own to help you stay on track.

Also the 4 part series includes the 2 disc DVD set of Bubbletalk. I will be giving you exercises and a little bit of homework or homeplay to do each week that coincides with the DVD. I also have a few surprises up my sleeve. Each session is 90 minutes so we can fully participate together.  Only failure is failure to participate!!


Here is what participants say:

"The Bubble Talk Tele-seminar was an incredible experience for me. I wasn't sure what I would get out of a seminar over the phone, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed and at exactly the right time. I especially liked that between the weekly calls we were able to use the things we learned and then received feedback and support about the challenges or breakthroughs we had. It was an awesome experience and I can't wait for the next one. Thank you Burge!!! " Kris D. - Rhode Island

"You know "when someone loves you, your name is safe in their mouth". That's how I feel about Burge.She has a gift of guiding you in the direction of your "own power" and then generously giving you the tools that you need to stay in your power. Bubbletalk was so well rounded in that it took us on a Four week growth journey. Bubbletalk took me through a guided tour of my subconscious thoughts and allowed me to see what I needed to see and hear what I needed to hear. I was able to Identify and be aware of my bubbles. I now know how to get to Bubbilious land and live there. :)" With much gratitude and love, Diana Woods - Fort Lauderdale, FL

"What a fantastic tele-seminar!!! Burge is such a wonderful teacher and mentor. She gently and lovingly takes you on a journey of self-discovery! She allows you to see your life circumstances in a new light and make the necessary changes for a more fullfilling, joy-filled life. The tele-seminar was very interactive and the assignments each week were fun and and helped to integrate the topics covered during the session. The tele-seminar was well-worth the time and financial investment!!

Since meeting Burge in 2005 and implementing her life strategies, I have gotten my dream job, more than doubling my yearly salary. I have improved my parenting skills and my relationship with my husband is better than ever! Most importantly, I can now truly say that I love myself ! This stuff really works!! " Michelle C.-Rhode Island

"I've been an EOB participant since 1999 in Georgia. Through all my experiences I have learned and grown tremendously. The recent teleseminars were the next best thing to being there now that i live in New Jersey. They were very experential and brought many things to fruition in my life and continue to do so. As always practicing the tools and being in touch with the Healing Forest always brings more miracles and success to follow sometimes when you least expect it. Thank you for all your love and support. I highly recommend the seminars to anyone who is ready to grow!" Dr. Jennifer F. - New Jersey

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