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Testimonials - Essence of Being


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I have already manifested everything for my first 3 months and I’m well on the way to achieving my goals from the workshop. So, the Essence of Being workshop has really started something! “ – Janice

"The Essence of Being workshop is a powerful spiritual breakthrough vehicle that opened me to a deeper sense of passion and self-expression. It was in this training that I experienced a gentle transformation like the brush from an Angel`s wings." Rev. Kevin Ross (Rev. Kev), author, minister, and peak performance coach, Kevinrossspeaks.com

"Essence of Abundance was geared to making one feel worthy of financial abundance. It became a game of claiming worthiness, not in a financial sense but in a personal sense."

" Higher Vibes was for me a self-empowerment seminar that I keep in my heart with deep gratitude. With love and support from Burge and Brad. I was able to move into a very powerful space regarding my relationship with my inner guidance.

“I have been surprisingly optimistic, more than what I would have imagined. Sometimes I have to catch myself from becoming overly optimistic, and the weird part is that before the workshop, I used to be extremely negative and used to expect the worst. Now I do the opposite, and expect the best. I realized my own blocks to my goals, and learned to get in touch with my emotions and to break free from all blocks. I learned to be fearless in any situation, with the knowledge that I can be and do anything that I desire. Finally I came to terms with my own fears and guilt, and released them out into the universe, and realized I am a good person with a lot of good to give to the world. The energy shift I created that weekend, created amazing positive changes in my life.” ~Dino Pancaro

“I feel more alive here than I have ever done before.”Gerard Rendell, Atlanta

“This weekend has totally changed my life!!! I’ve already make a life changing decision…didn’t take me more than a day to figure out what it needed to be. All I learned this weekend about how, I UNTIL RECENTLY gave my power away and carried my stuff around is taught in different workshops at unity. Just wanted you to know that you have made a difference in my life and my life is so much more meaningful now that I know and BELIEVE I am responsible for my own happiness. I now feel so confident that I can speak up when I feel the need to…” ~Love, Maria D. Pifferrer

“The inspiration of you message is widely received as your love and dedication continues to spread the essence of your being. Thank you for your unconditional soul. We have been profoundly touched by your workshop, a wonderful journey that continues enhancing the awareness of our essence of being.”~Love, Inner Voice

“I want to say thank you. Your words touched me deep in my heart. Yes, we all make a difference! Everything that I have learned I am practicing everyday, every minute. I also always listen to the meditations cd’s and your voice is inside of my mind and my heart reminding me everyday how live is beautiful, how important I am and that I do make a difference.” ~Sueli

“I want to thanks to everybody for the best weekend of my life, for every moment, for every tear, for every hug, kiss, advice, and for the peace that I gained, thanks, thank from my heart.” ~Marcos Javier Pereira

“I realize it’s going to be hard and it won’t happen overnight but I know now that I deserve to have a loving and caring husband just like my son deserves to have the best mother. So again, Thank You. I never felt so much love before in my life as I did that weekend.”~Love, Nathalia

Now I know which airline’s stock to buy. Thanks for everything you and the EOB team have passed on to me. My life continues to be blessed. I am more abundant with each passing day.” ~Dr. Wendy

“I had been to a similar workshop before but never as deep as this one. Thank you!!! My emotions, my spirit, my soul thanks you all. But more thank ME for having the courage to get up there and say what I had to say, feel what I had to feel, and seek what I had to seek. Today, I feel completely whole, I believe tomorrow I will have to start working on staying whole.” ~With all my love, Hope, Miami

“I am a different me today for the better and so thanks, to you. I am also seeing financial blessings both in my business and other wise. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that you made a positive change in my life.” ~ Thank you, Althea Reid

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much I feel I’ve grown because of this experience. I now truly feel responsible for myself… something that I wasn’t used to, but I love it and feel POWERFUL! I’ve chosen to be more than who I was, and you helped make this possible for me.” ~Love, Joe

“What you were teaching so myself like many others listened and you helped make profound changes in people and ultimately helped them find their way. What a spiritual awakening I had.” God Bless, Tracy

“Words cannot express my gratitude…through your love, compassion, caring, and wisdom I have been carrying for so long. I received the call that my dad was given 48hrs to live. While en route I received a call that he had passed away. When I arrived I immediately went to his bedside, knelt and placed my hand upon his chest…I was able to send him the essence of my love and forgiveness and I swear I felt both his presence and the essence of his love forgiveness as well…Finally, I am at peace with the past. On Sunday you helped let one man live and one man die, in peace.” ~Love always, Carlos Z

“I expressed deep gratitude to you also for my Dance of Self Esteem. I am almost bursting at the seams of what has been transforming my life. You weren’t kidding…it’s instant! I believe, I believe, I believe. Thank you for the gift of life. This experience has been the Best experience ever! Literally, my life has changed. Until the workshop I had doubts as to how I was going to start the organization because of my “until recently” limited views about my financial situation. The exact amount I needed came to me yesterday from an unlikely source. The dance I danced in my processing was truly the dance of my self-esteem.” ~ Love and Light, Maria

“When you were on the floor with me on Sunday, I felt completely supported to let go of what was inside of me. I knew it would come out at some point when it was ready. I was raised in a family community that was heavily Italian Mafia. I took on its belief systems and some pretty dark underworld feelings. That is what was coming out of me. I cannot thank you enough for facilitating that release with me.” ~God Bless you and the work you do, Juanita Mazzarella

“When I received a call from my father, it was the first time that he called me. Of course, I learned to nurture his friendship. Thanks to the workshop. Just please keep doing what you are doing because you have the power to change people’s lives.” ~Celso

“Jennifer is not the same person. Her outlook on life and her sense of self power and expression is building inside of her. Her negative thoughts about herself have all but disappeared. Obviously, it will take time to know what the long term effects will be, but she will always have that experience to look back on if she chooses to.” ~Joey

“I was driving to work, and I made a wish. I wished for that special someone to enter my life. I was ready now. On the way home though, something drove me to stop at Laz Paz for a drink. And that is where I met Kelly. We started dating the next week, and within two weeks we were inseparable. Now, 8 months later, we are flying to Jamaica to get married.” ~Thanks for everything, Ian, Tennessee

“Thank you so much for creating a safe space for me to process and learn more about myself. A lot of doors in me were open during those days.” ~Ana Lucia

“I am very happy, I am accomplishing on of the dreams in my life. I will be working with something that I love and can express the truth of my being… I am living definitely one of the most important moments in my life. It was created by me, manifestation of my desire. Applying in a daily basis teachings of the Essence of Being has helped me to become more and more real, myself; we are all here to expand together any way.” ~Veronica

“There is a definite difference in my life. I am aware of everything I say; more specifically so of what I allow myself to say. Everyday some small change occurs that lets me see I am shifting. Its wonderful and definitely empowering.” ~Love and Light, Elyn

“I released all the anger and feelings of being held back. I thank god for you. I finally feel alive and happy to be on the earth. Thank you for showing me how to live.” ~Love you, Veronica

“Every time I am around you I am able to experience your unconditional love for humanity. You are a precious gift to me; you remind me that our job here on earth is to open our hearts and LOVE.” ~I love you, Gloria

“Last weekend’s workshop presented a profound experience to me and, without doubt, you were all part of the setup of that. My thanks and love to you. What is very nice for me is that I feel very even and balanced. It is very nice to be aware of the connection that I opened up—or the barrier that I let down, however one views it—and feel very even-keeled still.” ~Love Burt, Attorney

“I am truly inspired by your strength and energy” Stay True. Julie

“You make such an impact an every life that you touch and they are forever changed in the most wonderful ways. You truly have a divine purpose on this earth and I am thankful to God for giving you to me as a role-model and a mentor.” ~Always, Michelle

“My father was dying and I wanted to go through the experience consciously. I didn’t know that my consciousness was about to go through an incredible burst. …Holding my hand, telling me I’d get used to walking around feeling like I had no skin and that my heart was the size of the moon. …Because on February 26, 1994, I learned how to fall in love, 30 people at a time. …To show my love for all of you is to use the tools, to continue living my life with passions and to demonstrate.” ~Love, Pamela

“My lesson to believe in the universe is that much stronger because of you. The universe has brought me to you to serve a higher good. You have done that for me. Thank You!! You are an endless source of inmate wisdom, guidance and intuitive power! You have inspired and awakened me!!” ~All my love and gratitude, Julie

“I feel much lighter and closer to the child I was –I am. I continue to use my voice and it’s feeling much more comfortable and natural. As always, thanks for your love and support as we all peel through our layers and find our peace and clarity.” ~Love, Marjorie DiLello

“Dear Burge, Just a note of thanks. Thank you for your friendship; for your vision; for believing in me; for teaching me to be free; for your love; for your faith; for your learning moments; for your drive; for your passion; for your smile; for your hugs; for your pushing and prying; for your funny faces; for your trust; for your energy; for your patience; for your sense of humor; for your gifts; for everything that encompasses you…and most of all, thank you for you!” ~Love, Teppi

“The fact is that you have touched my life, causing me to reconnect with a universal creature process that makes me blissful. I understand now what “inner peace” means. My grateful heart bows to you in Thank fullness for the countless ways in which your infinite kindness made me see I am a perfect child of God.” ~Love Always, Regina

“I am walking over clouds- happy…happy…happy! I really hope I can bring other people to live this wonderful experience, to live their lives with all intensity. The workshop was for me so divine, so delightful leading me to dive deep into all the best life can offer for all of us: Love, Self Esteem, Trust, Abundance, Acceptance, and Equality. I truly understand what God desires for us: that we love and accept each other as well as accepting ourselves…that we can help and let others help us…that we can trust ourselves and that we can vibrate as if in just one heart in the same symphony.”~ Love, Sueli Fatima Da Rocha

“I really appreciate your passion and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. Thank you for providing me with a second family especially a healthy one. You have made a difference in my life. Thank you!” ~Love, Francine

“You have an incredible gift and how luck I am to have met you and learned from you. Thank you so much for giving me the most life changing experience I’ve ever had, I cant wait to see what all unfolds for me because of you and your passion.” ~Love, Liz

“I have already manifested everything for my first 3 months and well on the way to achieving my goals from the workshop. I found a totally peaceful, creative place to live, and now I have lots of space to create my own dream.” ~Eternally grateful, Janice

“Ever since my weekend with you my emotions have both settled and stirred up. Settled because I find myself calmer in emotional stress. Stirred up because I feel more…more attached, more thankful, more loving, more understanding…more HERE. I cannot tell you how much my life has improved since I saw you. My children are calming down (because I am). My husband is more receptive (he called your seminar the ‘how to find the right mate next time’ workshop). My job is less stressful.” ~Love, JoAnna, Savannah, GA

“Please know that Gabriella is a direct result of all you have done for me and I am beyond grateful to you. I will write a testimonial and am open to speaking with anyone as you have guided me to finding my heart. It is the most beautiful event of my life and the prosperity and love I have created with John is beyond anything I ever imagined.” ~XOXO, Monique

“For the first time, during this experience with all of the people there I cried for the beauty and essence of their healing. To witness this healing is something that is truly joyous, and something that I am finally able to truly accept for myself. It is OK to heal and OK to get rid of it forever.” ~Love, Thomas

“Well, I feel better and happier than before, therefore I am positive my vacation in Rome will be a BLESSING.”~Love, Sally Aprile

“I have learned how to say “Thank You” and feel good and trust when someone tells me something nice about myself. That is new for me and it feels good. I seem to have no anger left in my body, I let things go right by me and just deal with them in a positive manner.” ~Love, Debbie

“This weekend I felt like I was “back to the grind” figuratively with my work and school, but I did notice a difference. I feel more “in” joy and that I have reconnected to my higher purpose. I “feel” others energy a lot more now. As I interact with others, I notice that I focus upon them with greater intensity. I feel good energy inside of me that is helping me to glow truly.” ~Best wishes and love, Will

“I have recovered the cost of the seminar at least 60 times and have stopped. Just as an example, yesterday I received a treatment which costs $60.00, FREE and was taken for a FREE lunch. Every day I receive gifts from unexpected sources. When you think about this seminar, think profit, profit, and lots of $$$$$$. Nice and easy, That’s what it is and you deserve it!” ~Love and Joy, Celia

“Since the weekend I received notice that my pap came back abnormal again, this is something I’ve been fighting since 99 it’s been a year and I thought all was clear. I’m so incredibly blessed that I found out after this weekend than before. I feel this weekend has changed me forever and I look forward to my continued personal and spiritual growth.”~Liz Wells

“Thanks to your assistance I was able to process frustration, fear and sadness. Thanks to your ability to hold a loving space for all of us, I was able to experience the energy of god with all its magnificence. Thank to you unconditional love, trust and guidance, I was able to channel this energy consciously. For all of this, I am so grateful. Thank you for being who you are. I admire and thank you for your integrity, respect and love for humanity.” ~I Love You, Gloria

“It was the most extraordinary, remarkable moment of my life. I had my conversation with God!! I need to find the secret to hold that feeling forever with me! A real river of Love!” ~Veronica Xavier

“Finally, I know myself. I like myself. I understand why I act the way I do. I love myself. I know I created my current reality and can change any/all if it as I choose. This was the most caring, loving environment I’ve ever encountered. I am learning to trust myself and the universe.” ~Rick Shultz

“I clearly understood, felt, and knew, without a doubt, that whatever dissatisfaction I am experiencing in my life is my responsibility and can be changed. I began to understand ways in which I was holding myself back and not being true to myself. Immediately changes began taking place in my relationships with me and with others. I now dare to express my true beliefs and stand up for myself. I feel much more in touch with whom I really am and ale to express myself freely. I have more courage to risk being my true self. My mom always said, “Just be yourself.” At last I fee free to do just that. I have gained a much greater sense of self-acceptance and love. That very night, I met the President of the furniture company where I now work as Marketing, Sales, and Public Relations Manager. My income has increased significantly and the job gives me the opportunity to use all my talents from years in sales and marketing and from recent study of design and architecture. The workshop gave me love. It gave me understanding and self-acceptance. It gave me compassion and forgiveness. This workshop gave me courage when I didn’t know that was what I needed. Truly, it was an experience of abundance and prosperity that changed my life.” ~With lots of love, Penny Steele

“It’s not scary to feel emotions anymore. The encounters I experience with everyone I come in contact with have been genuine and fulfilling for all concerned. The first day home 6 different people were brought to tears just in my presence. I know this is because I was radiating so much love that anything unlike this vibration was being brought to the surface in these people for healing. An unexpected outcome is in my massage practice. In the past I had trouble facing my own pain, much less someone else’s. Now I am really feeling what each person needs at the moment and I am committed to being there for them and for myself. The results have been a true healing for everyone.” ~Love and Light, Emily Aiken, Asheville N.C.

“I have attended many development workshops, but was intrigued by this ones approach: experiential discovery for balance in personal, professional and spiritual aspects of my life; tools to sustain inner peace in a chaotic world; tools to manage stress and conflict while maintaining emotional and physical well-being. This experience is a must for personal and professional development.” ~Dr. Patricia R., Rhode Island

“For the first time in 11 years I can hold the energy image of my ex-wife and feel the friend that she was to me and presently feel a willingness to let us be friends again. My preparation to visit my son and begin the healing of my relationship with him is already in motion. Burge, I honor your scholarship and your wisdom, and your profound ability to access psychically the essentials of the experience to find the pathway for change. You are indescribably beyond awesome.” ~Arthur, owner of THE HUB

“I finally decided to trust someone. It turned out that it was ok to trust them, and I should have done such a long time ago. Thank you! I’ve even been open enough to receiving and recognizing a few “messages” this week, something I don’t think would have happened before the workshop.” ~Peace, Cheryl Hasler, Canada

“My life has shifted so much! I understand the words of truth, trust, commitment, self-esteem, love, abundance, acceptance, responsibility, possibility and I am experiencing something new continually. WOW!!! I am alive because I have claimed my life.” ~Carpe Diem, Jodi, TV Broadcaster

“About two weeks later after the workshop my friend purchased an incredible home, signed contract Oct 9th. A credit card company called us said we were paying so well they lowered our interest rate 2 points without us asking. I could go on and on of all the changes but the most important is for the first time in my life I really do feel deserving. Like I am really enough. So therefore my attitude towards things has changed.” ~Health, energy and abundance, Emma, Realtor

“You make it easy for people. Explaining things on a level that almost anyone can understand and having the patience to explain when necessary. I now know that it is alright for me to take care of myself first and do whatever I need to do for my healing, so I am able to life the life that I so deserve and which is my divine birthright. I am needed on a global level and am called to work with kids to help reinforce their self-esteem.” ~Love, Barbara Stone, Arizona

“You helped save my life. I am who I am today because of what I learned in your workshops. I opened my eyes to my own truth and that’s what I want for both of my daughters. I want them to love themselves so that they will never settle. I am where I am supposed to be in my life and I’m so happy. I have a mate that stands beside and a man that I can always depend on. I have a real authentic love. I became the man I would wanted by my side and I attracted that man to me. Thank you!” ~Tracy, Tennessee

“I have one step more in the direction of being a whole person. It was a peak experience for me…a peace of mind that I never imagined could exist. With an amazing feeling of abundance, I embraced the miracle of feeling good for the first time in my life.” ~ Dr.Regina F., Miami Beach, FL

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for helping me on my journey toward awakening. I am now manifesting a publisher and an artist. I didn’t think this dream would come true until recently.” ~Love always, Cathy

“I feel the music inside my heart! The love and acceptance I felt those days at the workshop I will never forget because it made me reconnect with myself, and with the universe. I made me believe again that everyone of us makes a difference in this world, and if everyone makes its part I’m sure we will like in a better planet.” ~Love, Deborah

“It was so deep that all I could feel was profound gratitude for your presence in my life an especially for the transformation that you have created in my life and in so many people’s lives. You are a real angel and I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for the unconditional love that you share with the world. I am so happy that you are part of my life. I feel very blessed!” ~ Love, Gloria

“First we would like to thank all of you for being a part of the HealingForest because without it we would never be where we are today. We also wanted to send you an update to let you know how you have impacted our lives to open and operate a full service Mortgage and Real Estate Business.~Carrie Guzanick and Andrea D’Angelo

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