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Essence of Abundance - Essence of Being

Essence of Abundance

This 2 and a half day course helps you to see your blocks around obtaining prosperity & abundance & gives you the tools to shift your beliefs around money. Through games, processes, & group participation, we help you see patterns you have developed for staying in scarcity & poverty consciousness. We give you tools based on Robert Kiyosaki, Marshall Thurber, and other money magnets to strategize how to create abundance.


Among the topics and games are:

  • Tools to use for investing
  • Games that teach us how to create more wealth and freedom
  • Opportunities to clear your blocks to more prosperity
  • Does your “credit rating” determine your self-worth?
  • How to read and create your balance sheet
  • Strategies for “getting your house in order”
  • Discovering what is “enough”
  • Discovering and releasing negative beliefs around money
  • Do you feel you deserve to be wealthy?
  • How to combine what you do and love with prosperity
  • Learn what to teach your kids about money
  • Get what you want and deserve in your life





"It was another life changing experience for me---really beyond words...I can start out with the right tools and a healthy spirit." Debbie , Atlanta, Ga.

"I learned so much and there was a shift in my thoughts around money." Kelly, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Money is and can be a very stressful subject--but I think with the combination left brained/right brained info, it helped and assisted me with talking about money easily and more peacefully." Kim, Humble, TX

"Essence of Abundance was geared to making one feel worthy of financial abundance. It became a game of claiming worthiness, not in a financial sense but in a personal sense." Ian, Atlanta, Ga.

"The best part was getting in touch with everything I don't know and need to know to stop groping around in the dark on my finances. I got clear about the radical importance of stepping away from the brainwashing that has made me feel so incompetent and trapped. I felt so powerful when I left." Cathy, Atlanta, Ga.

"When I think of Essence of Abundance and what it created for me, the feeling that comes to me is Balance. I felt such a powerful integration of the right and left hemisphere. It was fun, creative, emotional, empowering, loving, and joyful. What I took home with me was very valuable. I have been able to put into practice their teachings and most importantly I have been able to see the results. I am very grateful to Burge and confirmed one more time for me that anything EOB puts together is always a success!" Gloria ,Pembroke Pines, FL

“I have recovered the cost of the seminar at least 60 times and have not stopped. Just as an example, yesterday I received a treatment which costs $60.00, FREE and was taken for a FREE lunch. Every day I receive gifts from unexpected sources. When you think about this seminar, think profit, profit, and lots of $$$$$$. Nice and easy, That’s what it is and you deserve it!” ~Love and Joy, Celia

“About two weeks later after the workshop my friend purchased an incredible home, signed contract Oct 9th. A credit card company called us said we were paying so well they lowered our interest rate 2 points without us asking. I could go on and on of all the changes but the most important is for the first time in my life I really do feel deserving. Like I am really enough. So therefore my attitude towards things has changed.” ~Health, energy and abundance, Emma, Realtor

Essence of Abundance is a break-thru workshop that helps you identify and release any limiting thoughts and actions about money and personal wealth. Due to this workshop, I identified my worth in my advertising career and was promoted within (2) months, my income increased by 50%! Any opportunity to take this course is wholeheartedly recommended, it will change you're life! Julie Ferro

EOA was one of the most fun and memorable workshops I have ever attended. It gave me new views and new beliefs around money that has allowed me to be open to receive cash from all possibilities. Just a couple of weeks upon completing the class, I received a promotion at my job, and began to notice an increase in my sales. Before taking the class, I had never won anything in any drawing that I had ever participated in. Since taking the workshop, most drawings that I participate in have delivered some form of winning. Amanda S. Florida

EOA was great! I reconnected with the feeling of being prosperous and that energy has carried out throughout thelast 2 years. I released a major block which had been preventing me from attained the financial success I desired. After the Workshop up to now I have been receiving lots of free things and discounts without asking for them. I think that I anchored the energy of deserving for good. I can trust that the money flows from many different sources for me. This is a must do workshop for people who want to expand their financial power and move their earnings to the next level. It is also a FUN time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celia

“Thank you for the gift of life. Essence of Abundance has been the BEST experience ever! I am forever grateful for you guys coming into my life and giving me the opportunity to receive the gifts of the Universe. I am at a loss for words of how much this weekend has meant for me. Literally, my life has changed. I’ve started a new non-profit organization catering to survivors of life. I put the need for the money to start this organization’s paperwork on the “Universal to do List”. And you know what? The exact amount I needed came to me yesterday from an unlikely source. I kept meditating on what I needed for more than 68 seconds…and it worked! I wasn’t skeptical because I went to Essence of Abundance with an open mind and more than an open heart. But I didn’t expect the money to appear soooooo fast!” – M.A.

“Essence of Abundance made a difference in my life. Much love and energy to you!” – S.F.


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Essence of Abundance

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