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Disc Families

Get your Report today!

Discover the Time-Tested Formula to Create Happy and Fun Relationships in the Family!

Imagine Having Close Connections With a Lot More Fun in Your Family By Unlocking 4 Unique Qualities That You Already Have!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I wish my kids would relate better with me.
  • I wish we didn’t have to fight over every single thing all the time.
  • I’m frustrated that my partner and I don’t seem to agree on so many things.
  • I wish that my partner understood me better and accepted me for who I am.
  • I want to bring my relationship with my partner to a new level but don’t know how.

Read on if you recognize yourself in any of these complaints… or any that you are more familiar with! And also read on if you know there is an answer for you just waiting for you to find it!

My name is Burge Smith-Lyons and I’m here to tell you that there is a way to create more harmony and reduce conflict and disagreements in your relationships with your spouse and kids! I’m about to share with you some of the critical keys on you will quickly learn how to do that and even with other people that you work with! It certainly worked for me!

I now have a lot more fun in my life!

And I know you can too!

This system gave me amazing insights about how I was seen by other people and how I was operating in life. For a long time, I was struggling with getting things to work the way I wanted them to. But it always seemed there was was something in the way. I had already invested time and money into learning from masters in order to discover what I didn’t know, and though that created some results for me, I realized that there was still a missing piece.

When I discovered this missing piece, everything just fell into place.

This Is Why Learning This System is THE Single Most Important Thing You Can Do To Totally Shift Your How You Relate and Communicate with Your Spouse and Kids!

I took what I learned and started applying it with students, and I was amazed at how easy everything has become – in the classroom and discussions and getting to the agreements that made everyone happy.

It showed me how I was running (and sometimes ruining!) my relationships and why my results were what they were! But once I started applying the relationships keys that this system pointed out, the quantum difference it made in my life it made has been amazing!

I also started sharing this system and the insights I was learning with my family and friends. And it shifted them too!  We relate so much better now and there is much less stress in our relationships. Conflicts have all but disappeared now because of what we all see, understand, and appreciate about ourselves… and each other!

This system provides something that everyone seeks – positive information about our favorite topic… OURSELVES!

But here’s the thing — you have to know how to make this work. It requires your willingness to put in some effort to discover qualities about yourself, and a clear understanding of the information that you will get about yourself and how you “operate” in your life… and this is just the starting point.

This system, or personality profiling tool, was developed based on extensive work done by an American behavioral scientist and researcher, Dr. William Moulton Marston, who was interested in emotions of normal people – which is all of us!

It was developed more than 80 years ago, giving deep insights to millions of people worldwide, about their needs, motivators, and fears – things that keep them stuck and things that could move them forward.

The system that I used and am going to share with you has been fine-tuned and enhanced through the years and provides highly accurate and extensive information that you can use to create the shifts in your relationships, your results (and even your paycheck!)

The Profiling Tool which is called the DISC Profile, is a simple questionnaire that takes only 15-20 minutes to complete. I was amazed at what I discovered about myself when I got the report right back as soon as I had completed the questionnaire.

Get your report in just 15 minutes filled with fascinating and significant information about yourself that you may not be already aware of but it will positively change your life… for good!

Get your Report today!
In the thirty-seven page report you will get a snapshot of where you are in two parts:Part One: Discover and Understand What Drives You

  • General Characteristics
    Your behavioral tendencies which sets the stage for the entire report, and throughout the rest of the report there will be coaching ideas to leverage on your strengths to maximize your personal success
  • Your strengths and what you bring to an organization
    Strength characteristics that you display consistently and for most part, these qualities tend to enhance your effectiveness within your organization.
  • Your Motivations (Wants) and Needs
    Get an insight of what your specific needs are, as more of your wants and needs are met, it gets easier to perform at an optimal level.
  • Your Ideal Work Environment
    Discover how you can create your ideal environment where you will thrive.
  • Your Behavior and Needs Under Stress
    What shows up for you when you are under stress? What strategies you can utilize to reduce conflict and create a more harmonious environment?
  • Communication Plans that would work for you
    Get insights on your communication preferences and help others understand how they can interact with you
  • Potential Areas and Opportunities for Improvement and Growth
    Uncover areas that can be improved and how to optimize your strengths
  • The Word Sketch
    Get in depth understanding on the different ways you get results in your life – how you address problems, how you work and relate to people, your preferred pace and your relationship with rules and procedures.
  • Your Personalized Graphs of your style
    A visual representation of your own distinct style.
  • The 12 Integrated DISC Styles Relationships
    A look at how your four styles come together and generates your behavior, and how you can utilize this to create optimum results in your life!

Part Two: Create Rapport, Improve Relationships and Have More Fun in Your Life!

At the end of the day, what will make the most difference is taking this information to create new strategies and putting  into practice what you now know about yourself — and how to you put into practice what you will know about yourself:

  • The Four Basic DISC Styles
    Understand the characteristics of the different styles – Learn how to be able to “read” another person from how he or she behaves in different situations
  • How To Identify Another Person’s Behavioral Style
    Discover how you can quickly and accurately identify each of the four behavioral styles and be able to practice Behavioral Flexibility – Learn how you can adjust your approach based on the particular needs of the situation
  • How to Modify Your Directness and Openness
    Understand how you can adapt two critical areas of behavior to enhance your adaptability
  • How to Understand the Natural Tension Among the Styles
    Understand what tensions can exist between different individuals with different styles. Learn how not to react from a lack of awareness and discover key strategies for adapting to each of the different styles

This is an amazing tool that gives you all the critical information about your own personal style, and an understanding of each of the four primary behavioral styles. It provides the foundation from which you can develop further strategies over time on how you can reduce conflict and create a lot more flow in your life.

With this information I’ve learned how I can create rapport a lot more easily — even with people I just met! And I’m having a lot more fun in my life! Everything else has just taken a quantum shift — and it’s all working… for me.

So join me! Get your Report today!

Don’t just take my word for it — here’s what some people have to say:

Dave Daley – Visibility King – Entrepreneur Training

Hi! Dave Daley here, the “Visibility King” and if you haven’t heard about the DISC Profile yet, I highly recommend you find out about and take this powerful business and personal tool for self-understanding. It’s not what you know, but who you know… starting with YOURSELF! That’s the key! By taking this simple, 15 minute profile, you’ll be able to understand your primary personality style and how to relate better to people who are your polar opposites in style! With this one tool, you’re going to be able to build rapport with anyone – instantly!

Kathy Brooke-Wong – Comfort and Joy English Business

When I received and read my DISC profile, I thought it was amazing! I felt like it had been personally written just for me! It was so interesting because it described me to a tee and it was very easy to read. I feel so validated now! As in the song, “Killing Me Softly With His Song”, it was speaking right to me—like it really saw who I was. It was so interesting that the description for my “inner self” or my “Natural Profile” described exactly like I usually feel – but don’t often talk about with other people. And it showed that my “External Profile” was truly the way I show up most often. It was, as they say, ‘spot on’! This DISC profile is a wonderful tool! It helped me see and understand my strengths, and how I can share myself more authentically with others.

I already feel more confident about myself and can’t wait to take this out into my life! I’m so grateful to Money & You® for providing us with such an exceptional tool.

Ricardo Fabiani Garcia – Success Coach

I recently had the opportunity to take my DISC Profile – and it was amazing.

This DISC profile is a wonderful tool! It helped me see and understand my strengths, and how I can share myself more authentically with others. I already feel more confident about myself and can’t wait to take this out into my life!

I loved it!

Patrice – Retired School Teacher

Having been a teacher for 37 years, I thought I knew myself pretty well. So, at first, when my friend suggested I might find out new things about myself by taking a DISC Personality Profile I was a little hesitant. It was late in the evening and I was tired so I really didn’t want to get too involved in something that would take a long time. But once I decided to take it, I couldn’t believe how quickly it went – with just 30 multiple choice questions.

It’s truly amazing how accurate my report was and how easy it was to take! I would recommend it to anybody who wants to get amazing discoveries about themselves!

Wendy Keller – Publicist, Keller Media

Even though I was familiar with the DISC instrument and I had known my profile before, I was surprised to learn things about myself that I had never understood before! This is because I had the honor of meeting the DISC Master, Carol Dysart. She was a woman with such a depth of knowledge and such a gentle way of explaining it that you end up feeling empowered about yourself and confident that you can not only improve your own behavior but also create manageable, effective teams.

It’s worth anything it takes to get the chance to do a DISC profile and talk with Carol or one of her Associates.

Get your Report today!

To Your Happiness!

Burge Smith-Lyons

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