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Corporate Training - Essence of Being

Corporate Training

Overview of what we offer:

We provide a menu of solutions that instills innovation, inspiration, excellence and efficiency within the company culture.

We work to create a program that offers balance between our skills and your needs. In these workshops we will create many opportunities for enhanced communications within the individual teams in your employ, which will in turn allow for an increase in the cooperation between the teams. The result will be smoother relations, increased cooperation and synergy, and greater productivity.

We have the technologies and staff to offer private 1, 2, 3, or half day events that promote Teamwork (cross-functional and departmental), Better Communication Techniques, Self-Esteem, Trust Building, Empowering Goals and Visions, Strategic Planning, Paradigm Busting, Creating Synergy, Total Quality Management, DISC Leadership & Personality Profiles (see profile page http://backup.essenceofbeing.com//personality-assessments-profiles/#), and many other agendas.

We utilize common and not so common elements to achieve this in a short amount of time. We play experiential games, role play, create simulations and then debrief after each element to integrate the ideas and concepts experienced to translate into improved results on daily responsibilities. We use Superlearning Techniques which engage both sides of the brain for optimum learning and retention.

Benefits & Outcomes:


  • Improve the communication among your team members /DISC Personality Profiles and Team Leadership
  • Improve the way your team members respond to each other
  • Improve the team members listening skills
  • Create better synergy with your team
  • Learn how to take responsibility without blame
  • Create a harmonious atmosphere with diverse cultures and personalities
  • Create an atmosphere of innovation with more “whole brain thinking”
  • Aligning and engaging the company with a single mission
  • Measurable results with ongoing follow up and accountability
  • Training the business leaders to be more effective by being at purpose and integrity as a demonstration of what they expect.

Listed below are 4 examples of the paradigms we believe are critical for any team to achieve High Performance results – time after time, project after project!

We also have coaching for the leadership roles and how to get more out of the teams.

This paradigm shifter separates behaviors and thought patterns into 2 categories:

  • Below the Line – Shame, Guilt, Laying Blame, and Justification
  • Above the Line – Responsibility

The conscious ability to respond to any circumstance or event from the point of view of, “How am I personally going to respond to this opportunity in this moment? What can I learn from it? How can I correct it or improve it? What role do I have creating this? What is the best and most effective response I can offer at this time?”

We play a simulation that proves, to each participant, 100% of the time, (with numbers and other specific left-brain results) that a team will always outperform the results of a group of individuals. We introduce the term “Synergy” and we cover many insights about the differences in behaviors and results achieved between individuals, groups, teams and High Performance “Championship” Teams.

Scatomas-Natural Blind Spots
The exercises, Barriers & “F-Card” demonstrate consistently, that there are some things that are obvious to one department but not obvious to others. Everyone has hidden scatomas (blind spots) in their lives at work and at home. This helps to reach a better understanding of other people’s points of view.

Trust and Cooperation
The Puzzle Game reinforces Synergy and opens the conversation about the participant’s beliefs in Trusting themselves and others. It exposes the widely accepted paradigm of “Scarcity” and “It’s a You or Me World” and explores the origin of this thinking. An alternative thought process of “Cooperation and Trust” is offered.

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Corporate Training

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