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Explore How to Create and Manifest the Life You Want - Essence of Being

What dream would you live if you knew you could have it all?

Are you ready for a life of abundance, inner peace, happiness and growth?

You can choose to empower yourself with the life-changing Essence of Being workshops.



The Essence of Being workshops are a series of personal development seminars that will help you explore how to create and manifest what you want through your core belief systems. They are based on many mind body spirit modalities such as Law of Attraction , spiritual healing, prosperity consciousness, R. Buckminster Fuller, Quantum Physics, Native American, ancient holistic healing which helps you journey into self and help you become skilled at attracting more success on your own terms by adopting a more powerful, yet peaceful way of being, while releasing blocks that no longer serve you. You will learn to embrace all aspects of your natural abundance such as self love, life passion, financial satisfaction, and your ability to grow healthy relationships at home, in business and within your community. Essence of Being is a rare opportunity to turn a corner in your life, have fun, and join the thousands of graduates from around the world and learn “the secret” to being.

The workshops are

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I have already manifested everything for my first 3 months and I’m well on the way to achieving my goals from the workshop. So, the Essence of Being workshop has really started something! “ – Janice

"The Essence of Being workshop is a powerful spiritual breakthrough vehicle that opened me to a deeper sense of passion and self-expression. It was in this training that I experienced a gentle transformation like the brush from an Angel`s wings." Rev. Kevin Ross (Rev. Kev), author, minister, and peak performance coach, Kevinrossspeaks.com

“Thank you for the gift of life. This experience has been the BEST experience ever! I am forever grateful for you guys coming into my life and giving me the opportunity to receive the gifts of the Universe. I am at a loss for words of how much this weekend has meant for me. Literally, my life has changed. Maria, FL

"As a Transformational Life Coach myself I am not easily impressed. Burge and the Essence of Being workshop blew me away. I had thought I had done all the work, but this course helped me peal yet another layer off; allowing me to touch into the most vulnerable places with fearlessness and grace. Essence of Being is the most creative, unique, and life changing workshop I have ever taken. I have, and will continue to, recommend this to everyone I know and work with." - Jennifer Grace, Hay House Author and Radio Show Host

"It's undeniable. It's indescribable. The workshop transformed my outlook on my life's vision". LeGrande G.,four time Emmy winning producer with the Oprah Winfrey Show.

"In the past, I have been your classic "A" personality type: always focused on the next task, always moving forward, always pushing ahead. In the morning, I'm thinking about the afternoon, in the afternoon, I'm thinking about what's coming up this evening and so on. I've been called "driven." What that's meant for my success has been great, I've been able to accomplish a lot. What it's meant for the LIVING of my life is quite different. I've been so busy arranging things that I haven't given the people in my life the attention they want or deserve. I realize there's a much deeper intimacy available in those relationships. After attending EOB I'm aware that I've been so focused on the outcome, on the goal, on the immediate task that I've been missing the joy in the journey. The message I received loud and clear was, "Trust and Embrace the Dance." And that is my new way of living. Today, I am paying attention to now. Today I do my best to live in the moment, to really be present with the people in my life and with myself. The results have been extraordinary. My husband suddenly seems more loving and attentive. I am enjoying my family and friends more than ever. I feel connected with people. I know it's not them that magically changed. It's me. And it comes from my experience at EOB. Without that experience I wouldn't have had this breakthrough. EOB is not just a workshop. It is a transformational experience that helped me see what I couldn't see on my own and connected me with a community who support me in continuing that transformation." Trish Carr, Women's Prosperity Network ,Executive Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker

“Through the intensity of the workshop, I literally fell in love with a group of people that were complete strangers. Never before has that happened in such a short time. Thank you!” – Robert , GA

“I continue to cruise in an altered state. The entire event has generated a blissful transformation from within. This was my first ever drug-free cosmic consciousness and I got all the love and support and abundance I have so needed to trust.” – Diane, FL

" EOB has been a life altering experience. Having attended all classes, even repeating many, lots of time because I am slow to process information (which is ok because that is who I am) I have completely changed my life from a successful corporate executive to now a full time mother. I also attracted the man of my dreams, and we continue to grow and build together, using a lot of the tools I learned in EOB workshops. I owe my success, happiness and prosperity to Burge and her team. The only regret I have is that I wish I had started at a younger age. AWESOME WORKSHOPS! I even attracted thousands of dollars after attending Essence of Being. Monique, FL

Doing that ceremony where we cut the cord between me and Mom has made our relationship even better than it was. I can just take care of her and appreciate every minute together without resentment or guilt. I am doing it out of Love. So Thank you for that and everything else you have helped me achieve. Even with everything going on in my life, I have never been Happier or more comfortable in my skin. I know I am still on my journey, but now I am enjoying the journey. You are my Angel!! Kris …Rhode Island

"Essence of Being Workshops are fun and transformative! I have such amazing memories from the ones I have attended." Think Holistic Creator Mical…

I am a much stronger, yet gentler, person because of Essence of Being. I know that I am capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind to do. My self-esteem has improved and I will speak up for myself in a calm and assertive way. The tools I learned during the playshops helped me look at what worked for me in all aspects of my life and what didn’t. Now, I employ the tools that work.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use something I learned from Essence of Being Tammi, RI

“I’m flying! Getting around is so much easier when you’re not dragging around a bunch of guilt that wasn’t yours to begin with. It was not my fault. The release of dropping that load is indescribable.” Bob K. Retired Military, Atlanta

Essence of Being

Essence of Being

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